A Look Into Oxford Exchange, and Where I’ve Been Hiding the Last Five Months

Recently, I got the amazing opportunity to attend an influencer event at Oxford Exchange. When asked how it was, all I keep saying is, “it was the greatest event I’ve ever been to. Ever.”


But let’s back up a sec. I haven’t written a blog post here in over five months. This blog technically still lives in 2017. Ridiculous, right? In January of this year, I got a promotion to run social media at Busch Gardens and I couldn’t be happier. I started working as an intern exactly three years ago at the park, went full-time working in group events, and have now landed the job as associate manager of social media. None of it could have happened without this blog. I’m so thankful for that. Ironically, I made the decision to start All Things Tampa three years ago as well… within the same month I got the internship. Since working full-time in the social realm, it’s been a challenge to balance work, blog, and personal social life. But it’s my goal to prioritize time + really grow All Things Tampa.

Ok, back to the good stuff. Oxford Exchange. Who was that getting so deep up there? ^^

Flowers by Botanica

I think it’s safe to say that everyone in Tampa has been to, or at least heard of, Oxford Exchange. Since opening in 2012, it’s been the epicenter of trendy. From the black and white checkered floors, to the elegant atrium, to the color-coded books in the library, it’s just perfect. Having worked in the events field, I admired all of their private events from afar but never got to attend one. This was a dream come true. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves (also how great is this new lens).

I expected that we wouldn’t be having food off the restaurant menu, but I could have never expected how impressive this menu was. It was so perfectly executed that it got my fish-despising boyfriend to eat raw salmon(!!!). And lots of it, too. We even got to take a look inside the kitchen! Side note: OE was recently voted Top 100 Brunch Restaurants in America by OpenTable. If you haven’t gone before, I’m not sure what you’re doing with life but I am concerned.

Throughout the evening, we got to interact with all of the different brands that call OE home. They each had two things in common: creativity and passion. That’s what sets Oxford Exchange above the rest.

Tebella Tea Company & Buddy Brew Coffee were some of the very first to live in OE. We got to meet with their teams and take home the BBC + OE roast (which I’m very excited about). Buddy Brew apparently has something big in the works that’ll be announced soon–I’ll keep you in the loop once I find out.


If you’re obsessing over the florals like I am–they’re from Botanica. Just judging by the work they did at this event, I highly recommend them!

Love Offering, a local calligrapher, was also at the event making everyone’s gift bags  beautiful with her work. Having taken one of her Intro to Lettering classes before, I was very excited to see her there… and even more excited to learn that she’ll be hosting classes over the summer! Intro to Lettering, Brush Lettering, and Modern Calligraphy will all be taught in Oxford Exchange’s Commerce Club.

Speaking of the Commerce Club, I am beyond excited to have gotten a three-month membership to it! Located on the second floor of Oxford Exchange, the Commerce Club is a membership-based work space. The exposed brick and interior design make it a great place for creative minds. Fun fact: if you don’t have a membership, you can treat yourself to a $15 daily pass!

Warby Parker is another awesome retail partner at Oxford Exchange that we got to visit. I have a few pairs of sunglasses and am obsessed! And that’s why I’m hosting a giveaway on my Instagram for a $95 Warby Parker gift card!