Summer of Sweets… and Heat

With national ice cream day coming up on July 16th, why not have an entire blog post devoted to it?? Besides that, it’s also about 100 degrees outside every day so frozen treats are an absolute necessity. Below, you’ll find my list of some of the coolest (literally) sweets in The Bay. Check em out and share a post using #allthingstampa on Instagram!

  • The Revolution Ice Cream Co: well known for their unique flavors, six-scoop boxes, and home of the “anarchy challenge” with 24 scoops of ice cream.
Photo courtesy of @revicecream on Instagram
  • Datz Dough: this place is the sweet sibling of Datz Delicatessen. This week, they debuted a brand new special: adult snow cones!! Make it three–I’m not drivin’.
Photo courtesy of @datzdough on Instagram
  • Snobachi Handcrafted Ice Cream: nestled in Historic Ybor City, this place is constantly dreaming up new concepts like Pop Tart ice cream sandwiches and “Dragon’s Breath”: dip your treats into liquid nitrogen! For National Ice Cream Day, Snobachi is promoting “BYOT”, otherwise known as Bring Your Own Toppings and discounts on rolled ice cream!
Photo courtesy of @madisentrapp on Instagram
  • Coolside Gelato Bar: emphasis on the “bar”… this place in Palm Harbor is combining gelato with local craft beers!
Photo courtesy of @coolsidegelatobar on Instagram
  • DoughCones: located in Temple Terrace, DoughCones is the mecca of internet sensations like nitrogen ice cream, doughnut ice cream cones, and puffle cones .
Photo courtesy of @tashlificent on Instagram
  • IceBurg: located in Downtown St. Pete, IceBurg creates Instagram masterpieces like rolled ice cream, ice cream tacos, unicorn cones, and acai bowls (for the health nut in your friend group).
  • Icesmile: this shop near USF has become popular with its tasty rolled ice cream creations.

Photo courtesy of @icesmiletampa on Instagram
  • Bake’n Babes: located in the soon-to-be Hall on Franklin, Bake’n Babes brings a variety of sweets including rosé ice cream floats. YES PLEASE.
  • Mr. Penguin: this place is known for its delicious gelati combos (italian ice + soft serve!)
Photo courtesy of @mrpenguinice on Instagram