The Summer Nights Challenge: Eat and Drink Your Way Through Busch Gardens

If you live in Tampa, you’re probably pretty familiar with Busch Gardens, the world-renowned theme park that just so happens to be right in our backyard. The park has become increasingly well-known for its festivals throughout the year, the current one being Summer Nights. Three different party zones full of food, drinks, and entertainment make this place a party you won’t want to miss. I’ve decided to take it up a notch by creating a challenge for YOU to complete while you’re there. Think you can do it? I invite you to try. Feel free to reference this electronic version of the Summer Nights event map–the numbers do not coincide with the challenge. For all the best deals on tickets, visit

BGT SN Event Map.png

  1. This challenge has a heavy food/drink focus, so start off by taking an Uber or Lyft to the park. You can thank me later when you pass everyone waiting for the tram at the end of the night.
  2. After walking through the Front Gate, take a selfie at the Summer Nights photo op on the right hand side and #showusyoursummer. As you pass the Moroccan Palace Theater, be sure to make note of the show times… you’ll be back here later.
  3. Make your way to the first party zone of the evening: Fiesta Festa! Before conquering the culinary portion of it, pick two of the three coasters in the area to ride.
  4. You rode two coasters, you deserve a drink. Go to Fiesta Flavors and kick off the evening with latin eats and a margarita (my choice is mojo pork + a mango marg). PRO TIP: Buy the 8-punch lanyard… it’s SO worth it.
  5. Start a conga line with your amigos and say hasta luego to the Fiesta as you go through Edge of Africa to the next party zone.
  6. Take a selfie/”elphie” with the elephants. Why? Because elephants.
  7. Make a pit stop at Twisted Tales in Pantopia– get a craft beer of your choice and chug it before proceeding to the next part of the challenge. Ask about the lanyard sampler options here.
  8. By now, you should have enough liquid courage to ride Falcon’s Fury… get in line for the biggest drop next to sky diving. Too scared? Ok, ride the carousel.
  9. Party zone #2: Luau! Put your skills to the test and enter the limbo competition
  10. No party zone would be complete without something to eat. Pick up some food and drink at Luau Landing, or stop by Luau Landing Libations for frozen cocktails. Also, try saying Luau Landing Libations 5x fast.
  11. Next stop: Kumba. Take a ride on this roaring coaster… or switch it up with Congo River Rapids if you need to cool off.
  12. Pass through Jungala on your way to Vibin’ Village, and use a punch on a cocktail at Flume Overlook if you’re feeling nervous about riding SheiKra.
  13. What could be next? You guessed it… SheiKra. The 200 ft dive coaster that can be seen all the way from downtown Tampa.
  14. Party zone #3: Vibin’ Village! If you’re still hungry, I INSIST on getting the chicken mafi with peanut sauce at Tribal Eats. I dream about it every night. Side note: the hanging lights in the trees make for a really good Boomerang here.
  15. While at Tribal Eats, get a drink and challenge your group to some friendly competition. Whoever finishes their drink last has to stand in the splash zone of SheiKra (located across the train station).
  16. Walk through Sesame Street Safari of Fun to get to Garden Gate Cafe. Here, you are tasked to get a beer and drink it while on one leg as a flamingo would do (if flamingos drank beer).
  17. Proceed to the Moroccan Palace to watch “Turn It Up!”, the park’s brand new ice show. Just an FYI: the last show is typically an hour before park close.
  18. If you have a sweet tooth and/or a punch still remaining on your lanyard, take advantage of your special sundae treat available at Sultan’s Sweets and Moroccan Delights. Enjoy it while you wait for your Uber/Lyft to arrive at the front of the park!
  19. You’ve officially conquered the Summer Nights Challenge by All Things Tampa. Share your experience on Instagram and hashtag #allthingstampa #showusyoursummer!