Summer Lovin’ at Tampa Theatre

Dinner and a movie is probably the most popular yet most unimpressive date idea. I get it–after you exhaust small talk at dinner, the movie can be nice because you’re not obligated to talk to them anymore. Or is that just the anti-social side of me coming out? Just me? Ok. Well I’m allowed to bash it because 1) I’ve been on these dates and 2) I have your solution.

Let’s start with dinner: Fly Bar, located in Downtown Tampa, is one of my favorite spots. I’ve enjoyed it most when I order tapas style, which is a perfect excuse to not get judged when you order five different plates. Do not, I repeat, do not, leave without ordering the truffle mac and pomme frites. It will change your life… and your body fat percentage.

Picture courtesy of Fly Bar & Restaurant

After Fly Bar, take a stroll down the street to Tampa Theatre. Starting June 3rd, it’s kicking off a Summer Classics Series on select Saturdays and Sundays. Try saying that 5x fast. This place boasts a romantic ambiance that makes for a perfect date spot. See the full summer lineup here.

This is an exciting time for Tampa Theatre! All of the seating in the auditorium will be replaced and updated this Fall. Not only will the seating be designed to match the original 1926 design, but the aisles will have more leg room (finally), the seats will have cupholders (yay!), and they’ll be even more vibrant. Celebrate this moment in Tampa history and join in by sponsoring a seat or making a donation at

TampaTheatre_Mezzanine Level Rendering
Picture courtesy of Tampa Theater

But wait–there’s more! Grab a date, enter my Instagram ticket giveaway on @allthingstampa, stay tuned for your chance to win a pair of tickets to classics like Wizard of Oz and Grease! …summer films, had me a blast…