Summer is Temporary, Poptails are Forever

With September approaching, this means two things: summer vacations and wearing white are both over. Although I’m not particularly passionate about the color white, I am already stressing about the rest of the year flying by.

But wait–we’re in Tampa. We live where people vacation. We can get through this. Florida is like an endless summer, right? I may not have it all figured out yet, but I do know one thing: Step 1 is to get a poptail from Cask. I’ll let you know when I get to Step 2.

So these poptails… Cask Social Kitchen has been living on South Howard Ave. for over a year now. What used to be a sketchy, underage-infested night club is now a trendy, no-plastic-bottle-vodka-in-sight restaurant. I’ve gone a handful of times, each time leaving satisfied and wondering why I don’t come more often. Their revamped menu has made my, and every other girl’s, Instagram dreams come true.


Cask offers two kinds of “poptails”: Aperol Spritz & Pina Colada. Above is the Aperol Spritz with–you guessed it, Aperol (aka Italian apertif) and prosecco (aka Italian champagne). How do you say, “yes please” in Italian?

Many have heard about these famous cocktails, but never seen them in the flesh (or in the ice, that is). I was pleasantly surprised when I tasted mine, knowing that both prosecco and Aperol can be quite bitter… but put these babies together and you’ve got yourself a sweet sensation. I’m telling you, people, this is the cure to your end-of-summer blues. Sit back on their patio bar, sip on a poptail, and watch the walk-of-shamers trek down SoHo.


Spoiler Alert: Cask carries housemade flavored popcorn that changes daily and has AMAZING mac ‘n’ cheese that will soon be featured in my “Best Macs of Tampa” post. It also offers a weekly taco special on… Monday’s (gasp). Bold move; I like it.