Ybor’s Hidden Gem…and Poke-Gym

Comfortably nestled on the outskirts of Ybor City, Coppertail Brewery  offers craft brews fresh off the tap. Tampa has numerous breweries that double as bars/hangout spots, but this is probably the most impressive that I’ve seen. Oh and don’t worry, although it’s extremely common, having a beard is NOT required upon entry.

Similar to most craft brews, Coppertail’s bottles/labeling is very artistic and ornate. The color scheme is, yes, mostly copper-ish tones. The brewery resembles this very much; from the murals to the light fixtures, it all ties together.

Upon walking in, I was blown away by how big the space is. Guests have clear views of the brew tanks while they sip. Tours are available throughout the week for just $7, coming with a souvenir glass and free beer.


Although there is no food offered here, employees said they don’t mind if you BYOF. In fact, some regulars make a potluck dinner party out of it on a weekly basis.

So the important part: PokemonGo. Coppertail Brewery has its own Poke-Stop and Gym. I took place in my first battle ever and lost almost instantaneously. Some of the employees are on levels that I didn’t even know were possible. Others were seen parked outside of the building just trying to play.

Coppertail Wall.jpg

P.S. Get the Unholy Trippel. Over 9% alcohol and a whole lotta taste.