New Restaurant On Swann

Yet another trendy restaurant just opened its doors in Hyde Park a few weeks ago. Where exactly is it, you ask? On Swann. What’s it called? On Swann. I can’t help but laugh when I think about a phone call between the hostess and a guest who is lost on their way there… “It’s On Swann!!”

In what looks like a brand new building, this place actually took over an old Wells Fargo bank. The two do have one thing in common: bank or not, it’s sure to see plenty of money. The menu can come off as slightly intimidating: French phrases and uncommon ingredients like “harissa”, “sambal”, and “romseco” are seen throughout. Don’t let this steer you away–it’s still possible to eat like a kid in there.

We started off with their cheese board, complete with several incredible samples including Drunken Goat and Dolce Gorgonzola (my favorite). Each cheese is strategically paired with accoutrements that you didn’t even know could go well together. It’s like when you realize that ice cream & french fries are actually a match made in heaven. We decided to take this dinner “tapas style” by ordering several different small plates. Pomme frites and chicken tenders come with an aioli that you will want to incorporate into every single meal.

Cheese Board.jpg

OH– not to mention that I also enjoyed the greatest cucumber gimlet I’ve ever had, and that’s saying a lot considering my vast gimlet knowledge. I’m very upset that I didn’t have enough room for dessert, but the gin-based liquid dessert will suffice until next time.