Survival Tips for the Last Minute Valentine’s Day Planner

Gone are the days of store-bought chocolates, Hallmark cards, and teddy bears (P.S. no girl has ever liked the bear gift). We’re not saying it’s time to step it up, but it is time to change it up. Don’t just make reservations at a busy restaurant so you can be pushed out in under an hour to make room for the next seating. Here’s a few ideas to help out my fellow procrastinators:


Flowers: By this point, Publix flowers are going to be extremely picked over. Do something different and go to Oxford Exchange. They have an amazing selection of flowers this weekend in their book shop. Maybe even buy a good book too?

Outdoors: Tampa Bay Water Bikes is the perfect outdoor activity for you and your valentine. It’s such a unique way to see the bay. You can book online for any time between 10am-6 pm.

Sunday Funday: If you’re not taking advantage of Valentine’s Day being on a Sunday by going to a boozy brunch, then you’re doing it all wrong. World of Beer on Fowler Ave. near USF has “Beerunch” every Sunday from 11am-3pm. For just $22, you can partake in unlimited booze + an entree. They serve anything from Bloody Marys, Mimosas, and even Beermosas (wheat beer with orange juice). Whether you have a valentine or not, this could be a great way to celebrate/drown your single sorrows.