5 Christmas Light Spots In Tampa That You Need To See

If this blog is good for nothing else, then let it be for finding all the best spots to look at Christmas lights. For all (ok, some) geographic regions of Tampa, I’ve got you covered.


Temple Terrace: Hyaleah Road. The best way to get here is by turning onto Serena Drive from 56th Street. You can’t miss it. Lights of every color are draped along the trees for the whole block. Ironically, it intersects with a street called Poinsettia Avenue. This street is a Christmas tradition for all citizens of Temple Terrace that is sure to not disappoint.

One house in Temple Terrace hangs a year-round Christmas countdown in their window. This house also creates a light show that goes along with a playlist of songs that are played from their own household station. They start decorating before Halloween. Bay News 9 was at the house last week. You could say it’s a pretty big deal. The address is 7804 River Ridge Drive. If you continue driving down that road after, you’ll also run into a rather festive cul de sac worth stopping by.

Carrollwood: Lago Vista subdivision is known for having lights throughout, but Del Prado Court, in particular, is incredible. When you’re there, you’ll know because all of the houses on this street pave their lawns with the same gumdrop-looking lights. There’s not a single person in this cul de sac who doesn’t go 110% on their house, and quite frankly, I’d be scared not to if I lived there.

After you’re done, head to the Waters Avenue Chickfila for the most breathtaking Christmas light display that you will ever see at a fast food restaurant (as if there are a lot to compare that with). You’ll be greeted by a light display that says “We Wish You Wood Eat Mor Chikin”. You won’t even notice if you’re waiting forever in the drive thru because there are blinking lights above your head, and everywhere else for that matter.


South Tampa: Similar to Hyaleah in Temple Terrace, the residents of South Boulevard go all out at Christmas time. The unique thing about this street is that all of the houses use strictly white lights. I’m not sure how they got all of these people to agree on that, but I applaud them because it is truly beautiful.


The pictures don’t do it justice. Go check these places out for yourself!