Tampa Theatre: A Hidden Gem

Of course everyone knows Tampa Theatre. “It’s that place with the cool sign somewhere in downtown, right?” …yes, technically. But it’s so much more. Year round, Tampa Theatre has showings of movies–both new and old. This month, it’s Christmas movies that are in the spotlight.

Yesterday was my first time going back to the Tampa Theatre since my elementary school field trip, and it did not disappoint. The architecture and decor make you feel like you’re stepping into a different period of time. That feeling continued as we watched It’s A Wonderful Life, a classic Christmas movie that I’d recommend to everyone.It’s not Cinebistro, but it does serve local craft brews and popcorn which is more than enough for me. This place really provides an experience outside of just the movie being shown.


If you’re interested in catching a Christmas movie here, it’s not too late. Check out the showtimes here. It’s A Wonderful Life is playing every day through Wednesday, and Home Alone will be playing the following Sunday. Be sure to check out the Tampa Theatre gingerbread house on your way out!

Tis the season for Christmas movie binge-watching!