UT: Less Private Than You Think

As a USF student, I consider the University of Tampa as an unofficial rival. Although it no longer has a football team and does not compete against us in anything athletically (other than an annual soccer game), people of Tampa still pick sides when it comes to USF vs. UT.

The other night, I found myself in the middle of Tampa Heights in need of a place nearby to be productive and get some homework done by midnight. The USF library is not far from here, but I was desperate for a change of scenery from my usual late night spot. My friend and I decided on Starbucks. I know–basic. We were headed for the Kennedy Boulevard location when I decided to act on my curiosity about a really cool looking UT building that can be seen street side from Kennedy. I later found out that this eight-floor building is known as the John P. Lowth Entrepreneurship Center, and it’s rather simple to just walk in to. Its debut was this semester, costing over $40 million to build.

Parking is easily accessible with plenty of visitor spots in a nearby garage. UT already gets 1 point just for the free visitor parking. We walked across the street into the most beautiful Starbucks I’ve seen on the east coast (Downtown Portland location still wins for west coast). Also unlike USF, the Starbucks line was tolerable and moved quickly (1 point). The entire first floor is filled with study booths and marble tables adjacent to giant flat screen tv’s for students to watch while they work. AND there are outlets on every single side of the tables (another point). The second floor has more study space and is a little quieter. This place is unreal. If we weren’t graduating this semester, my friend and I agreed that we would transfer to UT just for this building.

Maybe I’m overreacting. But finals are coming up, and sometimes it’s little things like finding a new spot that can help motivate you to study…and with this senioritis kicking in, I need every ounce of motivation that I can get.