Wynwood, Who? St. Pete Can Compete

In September, St. Pete hosted a mural festival to illustrate (literally) the power that art has in public places. This “open-air museum” has transformed the city with increased foot traffic at all times of the day. It is no exaggeration that the St. Pete Art District can certainly compete with Wynwood Walls of Miami. It’s just a start, but I think the streets of St. Pete will be vibrantly filled with more murals in no time.

So how can you go see it for yourself? Head to St. Pete and set your destination for the Morean Arts Center. No, the murals are not inside here. They are actually sandwiched between Central Avenue and 1st Avenue North on the back of buildings down this entire block. You can choose to drive, walk, or even bike down it. I’ve been to several art museums in St. Pete, but I was blown away by the work done on these walls (and you can’t beat that it’s free).

As great as the art is, if you’re going to make the drive over here, you might as well make a day of it. Less than five minutes away is Bodega Comida, also known as the best Cuban food on this side of the Gandy Bridge (I just made that up). However, being a Tampa citizen and 50% Cuban, I think my opinion on Cuban food should be pretty trustworthy. We got the Lechon Plato with mojo pork, onions, platanos, rice, and black beans. Outside of the food, I really love that this place takes a completely different approach to Cuban cuisine by placing it within a modern ambiance. Right across the street is St. Pete’s own Green Bench Brewing Company, complete with a tap room and beer garden which is the perfect place to wrap up your time in the 727.