Just Around The River Bend

Yes, that title was a Pocahantas reference. I’m well aware that this is my second post about Florida springs, but they’re probably one of the most underrated attributes of this state so it deserves some love. Yesterday, a few friends and I drove to Weeki Wachee Springs to seek out the lovely blue waters that we don’t get at our beaches (sorry FL). I’ve been to Rainbow River, but this was a completely different experience that I really loved. We got lost several times and definitely made a learning experience out of it… So here’s what I learned:

1) Paddling Adventures is the place you need to go. If you type “Weeki Wachee” on Google Maps, there are about 18 different results that all sound good. This is the one that you most likely want. We didn’t realize that you’re supposed to make reservations until we had already gotten there, but I highly recommend it for the busy summer season.

2) It may seem like an obvious thing, but bring food (we didn’t). Although a food-truck-boat would kill it on the river, for now it’s best to bring your own snacks. Who can complain about eating lunch in a kayak under the sun?

3) Get out of the kayak and play while the water’s still crystal clear. There are several great “sand bars” along the path with rope swings and wooden planks to climb trees. Take it all in while you’re in this area because the water gets a little murky toward the end.

4) Bring a waterproof speaker! Although the sound of the wildlife is peaceful, it’s nice to have music as an option. We used an iPhone until it got overheated and stopped playing…

5) Some type of waterproof camera is an absolute must. Whether it’s a GoPro or a LifeProof iPhone case, you’ll be wanting to snap plenty of pictures and can’t risk dropping your phone in the water.

6) They have a weekday special going on right now! Monday-Friday, you can get 10% off your rental if you print this coupon.

Ok, that’s all. Go see it for yourself. You won’t regret it.