Don’t Call it a Comeback: Hyde Park is Thriving

Hyde Park Village has a reputation for being a rather deserted area that you only go to if you’ve got some $$$ to blow. Although it’s smack-dab in the middle of a beautiful neighborhood, a lot of the retail space was always vacant–until now. I’m not gonna say that I didn’t pass by four Mercedes G-Wagons within an hour of being there…but I promise it’s still possible to have an awesome day here, all the while still ballin-on-a-budget. We started our day at Piquant, a French restaurant that serves breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner. Most importantly, it serves breakfast until 3:30pm during the week which is enough reason in itself for me to come back again. If it was socially acceptable to have a drink at 12pm on a Thursday, I definitely would’ve had a cocktail along with my cappuccino but we’ll save that for next time. Let’s just say that Oxford Exchange is not the only place you can get a handcrafted latte and sandwich. Oh, and truffle fries? S’il vous plaît. Absolutely worth the upcharge. We finished off the meal with a raspberry treat from their in-house bakery and attempted to burn off some of the calories by walking through all of Hyde Park Village. Anthropologie has cool clothes but can get a little pricy. Francescas is a more moderately priced boutique that ranges from SEC football gameday attire to Boho Chic. Also, Baby Boomers will be happy to hear that Goody Goody is finally returning to Tampa. For years, I’ve heard my parents rant and rave about this Downtown burger joint that their families would go to after church every week. It’s in the works, and what better area than Hyde Park next to a movie theater? After a stroll through this area, I have a feeling it’s going to bloom within the next few years and I can’t wait to watch it take off. Definitely worth spending an afternoon here.