Bayshore Is Not The Only Cool Place To Run

Fact. Although it always lives up to its name “Bayshore Beautiful” with waterside views and million-dollar mansions, I have another route to add to your running regimen. Don’t get me wrong, I love running on Bayshore, but parking is minimal and traffic can have you feeling like you may or may not get run over by a car in the process. To find this place, just look across the bay! Yes, I’m talking about Davis Island. Sometimes, all you need to motivate yourself is a little change from the normal routine.

Start on East Davis and park your car anywhere that doesn’t boldly say “Tow Away Zone”. You can follow that all the way down to the Peter O. Knight Airport, where the sidewalk will start to wind and you’ll be welcomed by beautiful sights of sailboats and planes taking off. Go however far as you’d like down the end of the island and loop back around. You can take the same path back up East Davis, or go through West Davis for a change of scenery and a little more shade. (If you go this way, just cut through Biscayne on the right to get back to East Davis). Now high-five yourself for actually getting away from Netflix to exercise. DSC_0029Be a true Davis Islander and visit one of the local restaurants pre- or post- workout. Farrell’s On The Island has great bagels to carb up beforehand and delicious ice cream to ruin your workout. Davis Island Coffee Bar is very new, offering plenty of caffeine for your run and even serving wine and beer to cool down after.


Coming from a person who hates running, if I liked it, you definitely will. Good luck!