A Day Trip to “The Burg”

Some may say that Tampa’s relationship with St. Pete can occasionally be a little love/hate… We love their beaches, we hate that our Rays play there. After yesterday’s trip, I’m all for our neighboring city over the bridge. What started out as an errand to get a textbook turned into an awesome kickoff to the weekend. Not that I consider myself an avid art follower, but I have been wanting to check out the Chihuly Collection in St. Pete for a while now. Dale Chihuly is a renowned glass sculptor with numerous collections spread out in America. I’m sure there is some type of deeper meaning to all of his work, just like every other artist, but I enjoy it purely for the vibrant colors in the glass. In fact, I’m pretty sure my eyes thanked me afterward. Right outside of the Morean Arts Center, you can see the St. Petersburg Pier and stroll by the water. Instead of taking in the fresh air, we chose to stuff our faces with burgers at theAVENUE eat/drink. I had their burger of the month: Kobe beef sliders on a brioche bun with onion jam and bacon. It was incredible. And for those who consider cows as friends, not food, there were plenty of vegetarian/pescetarian options as well. Attached are some pictures from yesterday’s explorations that truly don’t do it justice.

Things To Know:

  • Chihuly tickets are $14.95, or $10.95 for students
  • Bring coins for parking meters!
  • Plan your adventure during low traffic hours aka don’t go back to Tampa around 5pm